Sungshin Cement Co., Ltd.


Sungshin = Where Every Journey Begins

At Sungshin, we understand that every achievement is rooted in a well-crafted beginning.
Our commitment lies in cultivating innovative beginnings that pave the way for flawless completions.
As an industry leader, Sungshin spearheads the art of transformative initiations,
ensuring exceptional outcomes in all endeavors.


Sungshin Cement stands as the pioneering force in the realm of innovative cement,
driven by our unparalleled materials and cutting-edge technology.
Rooted in our own ESG management philosophy, we strive to transcend the boundaries of
cement manufacturing and become the catalyst for a secure life,
a sustainable society, and a prosperous future.
By manufacturing groundbreaking cement varieties and upholding our commitment to
ESG principles, Sungshin Cement takes the lead in shaping a safer,
more sustainable world that extends far beyond the realm of cement.



At Sungshin Cement, our commitment to corporate social responsibility extends far beyond the borders of Korea. With a global perspective, we prioritize the inherent benefits of nature and hold the future environment in high regard. Through our unwavering dedication, we are spearheading the advancement of a sustainable world by utilizing recycled resources. As industry leaders, Sungshin Cement takes pride in leading the charge towards a greener future, transcending geographical boundaries and setting new standards in environmental stewardship.


Safe Start

At Sungshin Cement, we embody the principles of co-prosperity by fostering an environment of mutual respect and empathy with our executives, employees, partners, and local communities. Through our unwavering commitment to safety and active contribution to society, Sungshin Cement is at the forefront of driving the establishment of a secure society for the present and the future.



Sungshin Cement is committed to creating corporate value by embracing sound and transparent governance practices, implementing robust risk management strategies, and nurturing a culture of integrity within our organization. By prioritizing the trust and satisfaction of our customers, we actively build strong relationships and fulfill our corporate social responsibility. At the forefront of management innovation, Sungshin Cement drives progress through fair business activities, setting new standards for ethical conduct and inspiring excellence across the industry. Sungshin
ESG Management



Sungshin aspires to build a world where the symbiotic relationship between nature and humanity flourishes, fostering an environment where both can coexist in harmony.