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Sustainability Management


Environmental management system

Environmental management policy

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    Sungshin Cement's principle of management is to fulfill our social responsibilities to prevent environmental pollution and continuously maintain the vitality of nature that enables humans to live.
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    Sungshin Cement focuses our capabilities on the recycling of resources and the management of circulating resources so that we can protect, restore, and maintain the clean nature inherited from our ancestors, thereby handing nature that enables sustainable development down to our descendants.
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    Sungshin Cement actively participates in improving and protecting the local environment through cooperation with local communities and stakeholders based on transparent and reliable environmental management.
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    Sungshin Cement identifies and evaluates the impact on the environment throughout all processes of manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of products and complies with and manages all environment-related laws and regulations and our declarations, agreements, and discussions more than necessary.
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    Sungshin Cement establishes and implements environmental goals and the detailed plans for effective implementation of environmental management policies and continuously conducts environmental improvement activities through self-evaluation of the environment.
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    Sungshin Cement establishes an autonomous environmental management system by enabling the active implementation of environmental conservation activities through assigning responsibilities and obligations for the environmental conservation activities to all employees and providing them with opportunities to improve their environmental management capabilities and cultivate awareness of environmental conservation through necessary education and training.

Environmental management system

Sungshin Cement is operating a management system that seeks to promote both environmental preservation and economic growth while minimizing environmental damages inevitably derived from production activities of companies.

Opreational goals and directions of environmental management

Environmental management governance
Sungshin Cement is practicing environmental management under the supervision of our Environment Team that not only deliberates on goals, performances, and main issues for environment, but also leads consultations on major environmental issues by business site. Thus, we are promoting the continuous improvement of environmental performances, and the meeting results are reported even to the top management.
Environmental management performance evaluation system
We have established and systematically managed key performance indicators regarding environment. We have set the greenhouse emission per unit and NOx emission concentration as those indicators and have been practicing environmental management with goals beyond legal standards.

Environmental goals

Category 2022
Goal Achievement Plan
Greenhouse Gas
Emission Unit
0.721 0.766 0.721 0.721 Expansion of circulating
resource use and establishment
of input infrastructure
Nitrogen Oxide
120 or less 154 120 or less 120 or less Process improvement
and SNCR objects
(Increasing efficiency)
Dust Emission Unit
4.89 5.84 4.89 4.89 Improved efficiency of
filter dust collector
and electric precipitator

Response to environmental laws

Sungshin Cement strives to minimize emissions by establishing goals to reduce pollutant emissions beyond the legal standards stipulated in environmental laws and regulations in all business activities. All environmental activities are based on environmental procedures and guidelines that clearly define the scope, responsibilities, authorities, and procedures for the environmental activities. Environmental procedures and guidelines are regularly enacted and revised in accordance with the revision of ISO 14001:2015.

Investment in the environment

Sungshin Cement is implementing energy saving activities while reducing environmental impact through investment in the environment in various ways, such as improvement and maintenance of air pollutant emission prevention facilities, operation of measurement facilities for the concentration of air pollutant emissions, installation of ESS, securing of storage facilities for circulating resources, capacity enhancement of facilities to input circulating resources, installation of high-efficiency inverters, installation of scattering dust prevention facilities, improvement of wind power facilities to replace fossil fuels, installation of LED lights, etc.

Environmental risk management

Background and purpose
Strengthening the environmental risk management system
Sungshin Cement is making the following efforts to minimize the risks of environmental pollution and effectively reduce the impact of possible environmental accidents.

Beyond the
Social Responsibility

Sustainability Report of Sungshin Cement